04 February 2013

change up

So here's the deal.

I have a few theories about why people keep beating us to houses.

1. They can look at them during the week and I can't. I get off work too late and it's already dark and it just doesn't work. I've tried asking to see them first thing in the morning, but apparently realtors don't work early. So by the time Saturday rolls around and I get to see a house, I have to wait until Sunday to discuss it with Chris, which makes Monday the earliest time that anything can get done. Which means that someone who saw it on Thursday has had plenty of time to get their application in before me.

2. The realtor. I don't know if the role of realtors has changed, but in the old days they actively checked the market and notified you if a house becomes available that you might like. My realtor hasn't done that once. I've had to look on the internet and ask to see houses every time. Like last weekend. That house had been on the market for a week and he never once mentioned it to me, and I even talked to him twice that week. I didn't even know it existed until I saw it on one of the websites and asked to see it. Of course, by then it was too late. I know it's just a rental and I'm sure the commission isn't that great, but at least every once in a while I'd like him to make an effort.

There's a house that just came on the market that I like. Fantastic price. Good location. It's not going to stay up for long. If I wait until Saturday to look at it, it's going to be gone.

So I'm changing things up.

I'm enlisting the help of mom, since her schedule is flexible. She's going to check it out during the week, and take a video of the walk-through. That way if something amazing pops up again, I can get a fighting chance.

We're also switching realtors. Frankly, last weekend I loved that house and I was so bummed when it already got leased, and I was also kinda mad he didn't even mention it to me.

I can't help but think how much easier this would be if I still worked my wonky early schedule and had my afternoons free. That's neither here nor there, but when it comes to things like this, it would sure be convenient.

Either way, we're not crunched for time right now so it won't be terrible if this particular house isn't the one, but it will eventually become crucial. I also don't know how I feel about applying for a lease on a house that I haven't actually seen in person, but that may be the thing that finally gets us a place to live.

As usual, let's see what happens.

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