18 February 2013


Nothing will wake me from a sound sleep in the dead of night quite like the sound of pumpkin getting ready to yak.

Which is why I bolted awake at 4am, kicked her off the bed, and then got up to clean up the mess on the rug. I had to hold back the gag when I caught a whiff of it- only half-digested wet food smells like that. Ugh. Then I discovered the pork chop remnants that she dragged out of the trash can. No wonder she barfed. Pork chops are not for kitties, especially highly seasoned ones.

I got a facebook message halfway through the day from one of  my old coworkers. Apparently my old boss's boyfriend had a heart attack and died this weekend. I felt so incredibly bad about that. They've been together for years and live together, but never got married. I hope that they had something worked out in the event someone died and she doesn't get screwed out of financial or sentimental things. He did have a mild heart attack a few months ago, and I was so scared for her then, hoping he was ok. I can't imagine what she must be feeling. Makes me want to come home and squeeze Chris. Soon enough...

I balanced my budget today and was mildly surprised to find that my credit card balance was still zero. I'm so used to seeing a number there. I guess taking out of my wallet is really helping. It seems soooo long ago since the last payday. I liked getting paid every other Friday. It's weird getting paid the 5th & 20th.

I'm officially out of wine. I'm also SO close to moving out, and I really don't want to spend any money unless I really have to. I wonder if mom has any...

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