10 February 2013


I've actually been meaning to share this for a while.

I think it's a little weird that people say Congratulations when you get engaged, and when you get married.

I know they're conveying well-wishes and celebratory feelings, but I feel like that word should be used when someone has worked hard to accomplish something, like graduating or reaching a goal.

I don't think a relationship is exactly an accomplishment. Sure, sometimes it takes work, but I don't think it justifies congratulations. It's like saying, "Hey, good job on finding a person who doesn't mind dealing with your shit! That must have been hard work but you accomplished it!"

Instead of an accomplishment, I'd say it's a stroke of luck to find that amazing person.

But it's rude to say, "How lucky of you to find someone!" when someone gets engaged or married.

Technically, in the dictionary the word congratulations can be used to express joy in the success or good fortune of another, so it covers the bases, but it still seems weird to me.

Am I alone on this?

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