10 February 2013

thoughts & irritations

Why does the coffee cup always seem to get a chip in the exact spot where I drink from?

I need to do all my usual Sunday chores but instead I'm organizing my Pinterest stuff. And looking for recipes. 

My goal is not to go grocery shopping until after I move. No sense on buying a ton of stuff just to have to move it all. With a mostly empty fridge, half-empty freezer, and full pantry, this is going to require a little creativity.

I'm about to cancel my Old Navy card. They keep blocking my online account access because they can't get my address right. I've called three times now. They told me that it's the postal service's fault and I need to call them to see what the problem is. Yeah, right. Everyone else can get my address right except them.
The worst part is their customer service line is all voice-recognition software and every time I call it never understands me, even when I say something as simple as Yes or No. Pushing 0 doesn't take me to a person, so I just have to yell at it until I'm transferred to a person, who ends up being someone with an accent so thick all I can do is go, "Huh?"
The first time I called, I finally got through and the asshole told me the connection was bad. I know he could hear me because he would answer my question and then follow up by saying he couldn't hear me.
I asked, "So how did you just answer my question if you can't hear me?" To which he replied, "I answered because I could hear you then, but not now." Which, of course, was an answer to the question I just asked and proved he heard me fine.
By the time I hung up and got through a second time, I was so mad that I yelled at the poor girl and asked to speak to her manager. I told her it was not her fault, but I was mad and wanted something resolved. After answering a billion questions and confirming my address AGAIN, I nearly lost it when they told me, "You can make payments online, you know." Which is what I tried to do in the first place but my online account access was blocked. Now there's probably a note on my account that I'm a huge bitch, haha. 
As soon as this payment goes through, I'm calling to cancel the card. The rewards are not worth this. Dreading going through their phone menu again, but at least it will be the last time.

I think I may be allergic to my shampoo or something. My head has been itchy and I've had breakouts on my scalp underneath my hair. I've also had breakouts concentrating around my hairline and forehead. I can't think of any other culprit besides my shampoo, since it seems pretty localized. I have no idea what kind of shampoo to get. I usually just pick the cheapest one that smells nice. Suggestions?

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Drew said...

It's not the cheapest by a long shot, but I'm a big fan of the Trichomania shampoo bar by LUSH. It actually lasts a really long time, since it lathers up in your hands quite a bit so I suspect in the long run it's not actually that much more expensive.