09 February 2013

On My Mind

-Every time I get to Skype with Chris, I swear I fall in love with him just a little bit more. He's so cute.
-We had our first productive argument where we talk about it instead of getting mad and letting it simmer down. Finally- communication. I was worried about the way we fight, but I feel much better about it now.
-He made the mistake of mentioning October. As in coming home in October. As in COMING HOME in October. We both know that's a big fat MAYBE leaning towards the NO side, but now all I can see is October.

-Pumpkin's world is about to be ROCKED. Poor kitty has lived her entire life in this one house, on this perfect lot with a gigantic park at her disposal. She's never known anything else, except as a kitten before I brought her home. Covered in fleas with intestinal parasites, slowly draining her of life. I wonder if she remembers those days, especially when she chows down on fancy feast and curls up on the heating pad. She freaks out when I move a piece of furniture- I have no idea how she'll handle a move. I'm slightly worried about her being hit by a car in the new place, just because she's not used to traffic. But, we picked a nice place in the middle of a neighborhood on a dead-end street.

-What? We did? Yes, we did.
-You know me; when I say it's time to buckle down and make something happen, that's exactly what happens. I saw a house for an amazing deal that I knew would be gone before Saturday. Mom looked at it during the week and gave me the thumbs up, so I applied for the lease. We were approved instantly, and signed the agreements yesterday. The house has been taken off the market. First month's rent is due the 26th, and we move in the 1st.
-Did you catch that? I haven't actually seen the inside of the house. I'm not worried about it. I trust my mom, it's a great deal, and it's just a rental. I do know that it's small, but the kitchen's updated and it's clean. It's occupied right now, and all the pictures I've seen show the house furnished. If a small family can make the place very comfortable and cozy-looking, I know I can do the same.

-After I'm moved in, I'm going to get a part time job on the weekend. I should have been doing this all along. It's time to get serious about my debt. I take home a little more money each month now, but with these new expenses it will slow down. I want to be completely debt free by the end of this year. I've read stories about people who have worked really hard and have done it. I know how to work hard. My plan is to put that extra paycheck straight into debt, like it never existed. I can't stand that Chris keeps trying to pay it off. It's my debt. He should be focusing on saving for a house and I'll work on this. I haven't decided if I'm going to do some PRN for a lab, or if I'll try something new. I guess I'll just start seeing what's out there.

-I don't think I mentioned how successful the baby shower was last weekend. Everyone was so generous that Ashley literally got tired of opening gifts. Calvin got so many clothes, we had to stuff them into an adult-sized hamper. It seriously was amazing, and now Ash has stuff to nest with. No one can wait until he gets here.

-I brought my pedometer to work last week. It's approximately 3/4 mile from my car to my desk, so I get in at least 1.5 miles of walking every day- about 20 minutes. Not including all the walking I do once I'm at work. I don't feel so bad about not working out now.

-I don't think there's any more room for anything else in my head.

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