21 February 2013

worth mentioning

I'm sick of traffic. I was late for work Tuesday because of it, and it set my schedule back today because of it. Then, I got stuck in some more on the way back from my sister's house tonight. At 2130. Geez. It's not going to get any better with the rodeo starting. Which reminds me, I need to figure out a new route home.

Although, today I got cut off by a truck and it made me mad, but then I saw a kitty in the back window just hanging out, all cute. It made me smile and squeal. I think all truck drivers who are going to cut people off should have a kitty in the back window.

I completed the correlation study today. Got the phlebotomists to draw extra tubes so I could run my stuff right there in the lab. It was incredibly hot in there. I had to tie my lab coat around my waist like an apron because I was sweating so bad. I couldn't take a break because the specimens had to be run right away for the best accuracy. I was in super concentration mode, barely looking up for an hour and a half. At one point Dayna called, but by the time I got my gloves off and had my phone out of my pocket, it was too late. There was butt sweat all over my phone, though. Eew. I told you it was hot in there.

Turns out, Dayna was calling because Chris harassed her on facebook to call me to tell me to get on facebook so we could chat. I heard he did the same thing to my sister earlier in the week. Poor guy, we haven't talked since he left for Thailand. I guess that was two weeks ago? We just keep missing each other. I think he's almost done with that, though. Have I mentioned that I'm ready for him to be within squeezing distance every day? Also I'm pretty ready to start mooching off Dayna's yummy gluten free cooking offer. :o) And to snuggle Anges Marie. Stephen won't let me snuggle him anymore, haha. God her kids are so cute.

I checked my bank account today to make sure my paycheck was deposited, and was met with a suprisingly gigantic amount. Turns out, our tax return was deposited too. HELL YEAH. I've never had this much money in my account. Too bad it will all be gone when I clean out my savings and pay off another student loan. But that leaves me with just one more student loan and my car note. I feel like that's progress. I hate paying that particular loan. It's one that accrued interest while I was still in school, and every time I make a payment, it just accrues more and it sucks. You know what I wish I could do with my tax return? Give it to my sister and have her pay her taxes with it, and put the rest into the Calvin fund. Also, I need more pants. I think all this walking has made me slim down a little, because even my altered pants are all baggy. Merh.

Mom had a bunco party tonight and I came home to all kinds of gluteny goodies. I made a big plate to take to work tomorrow and fatten up all my coworkers. I also got a nice big glass of wine for me to drink tonight.

I'm glad tomorrow is Friday. It's been a busy week. Also a productive week. I've crossed a lot off my list at work and I plan to look like a baller in the meeting tomorrow.

I haven't eaten dinner and I've sucked down this glass of wine and I feel like that's how this post ended up kinda rambly.

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