24 February 2013


This place is a MESS. My very nature is being challenged by the mess in here right now. Shit is everywhere, all in half-packed stages of messiness. As soon as coffee is in my system I'm going to organize this crap.

The sink is fully of nasty dishes. No, I don't want to clean them but it's really the first thing that has to be done. Is anyone surprised? Less than a week until I have a dishwasher y'all.

Last night was one of the mellowest game nights ever. I had a really nice time, though. I'm glad Ashley decided to join. It was good to see friends I don't get to see often. That being said, I hardly talked to Missy. How did that happen??

I can't figure out if Chris is giving me the silent treatment for something that I have no idea what it is, or if he's suddenly impossible to get ahold of again. I will find out eventually. I think he made it back to base last night, but maybe I misunderstood and he's still en route. I never really know with him.

Ok, coffee's kicking in. It's time to make this place organized enough so that I can get to my dresser via the floor, instead of by climbing over my bed.


Ashley B said...

Wine and 90's music tend to overpower any conversation that could have been had. I'm sure Missy understands. haha

Missy said...

Ha ha, yeah, I was pretty busy making sure that Stella was making friends!