28 February 2013

happy home

Setting up water & electricity was, of course, problematic. That has all been taken care of, thankfully.

I got the key today, and went over after work to check things out. A few little things here and there that are less than ideal. The master bath has a significant leak in the tub. Realtor said he'd try to have someone repair it tomorrow. There are things that are easily fixed, like the hideous curtains all over the house, and the tacky torn up window screens on the inside. It seems they came with the house, the previous tenants wisely took them down, and put them back up when they moved out. I plan to do the same. There's a perfectly good attic where they can sit for another year. There is an alarm system already installed, so that's one less thing to worry about. I can probably make a call and get it hooked up. Probably. There's a decent amount of random trash in the garage that needs to be thrown out.

Other than a nitpicky deep clean by yours truly (the light switches are NASTY), the house is pretty good to go. I do have to walk around and write down all the stuff I'll need to purchase- light bulbs for the outside flood lights, batteries for the smoke alarms, a carbon monoxide detector, a dust mop, a trash can for out by the curb... etc.

I've already identified several cat-perching spots for Pumpkin to claim. I've already imagined where the little turtle-shaped swimming pool/ sandbox will be for Calvin (& my friends' kids) in the backyard. The garage will be Chris' domain, as well as the front room/ office. The rest is pretty much my territory. It's incredibly intimidating, but also exciting. I think it would be less intimidating and more exciting if Chris was here. There's plenty of room for a toot in that house. I think we'll have such a happy home.

After weeks of starving, I discovered tonight that my mom's been holding out on me- she had gluten free frozen chinese food in her freezer. I didn't even know such a thing existed! So I'm more full than I have been in weeks, and have zero desire to pack anything, or do anything else that requires moving.  I wonder if Chris is around to Skype while I digest...

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