27 March 2013


Paying some bills merh. I haven't gotten my water bill so I have to call them and see what's up. I paid my electricity bill through my bank's bill pay and it shows on my profile for the power company that I haven't paid... but when I call them they said I've paid and have a zero balance. I don't like the discontinuity!

My car insurance rate went up so I called and asked why- apparently there was a statewide rate increase. But the nice dude on the phone said that because I work in the medical field, I could get a discount. So it went up, but not by quite as much. I'm ok with that. Every little bit helps right?

I also haven't received the giddy-inducing "Paid in Full" notice from the company that should no longer own my former most annoying student loan. However, when I checked my account online I was met with a message that said they cannot find any loans in repayment. Yaysers!

I paid my rent, which was surprisingly easy.

Dude, pineapples are crazy on sale right now. I bought one, only because I knew I couldn't eat two. I should have bought two and given one to my sister. Drat. Hindsight.

I'm so full. For dinner I made polenta topped with shrimp in pesto. But, I think the pan might have been too hot because when I poured in the pesto, it ended up kinda grainy. Tasty, but the texture was not what I was expecting. Then I was still kinda hungry so I had some celery dipped in ranch (meal deal at HEB- I bought the dip and got a bag of veggies FREE) and some strawberry ice cream with chocolate sauce. Belly's so full.

The rest of this week should go by fast. All of my siblings will be in town by tomorrow night, yay!

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