23 March 2013

lawn guys

Well, I found out who mowed my lawn the other day. They knocked on my door today looking for money.

It was the lawn people that knocked on my door a few weeks ago and said they used to mow the lawn for the previous tenants. I called asking for an estimate and got the guy's wife, who told me she'd talk to her husband and call me back. She called back SEVEN times in the span of an hour while I was at work. At that point I was really annoyed so I decided I wasn't going to go with them. I tried to call back and tell them that, but I never got an answer or a voicemail.

So I guess they decided to just go ahead and mow it anyway, even though we never spoke after I called requesting an estimate, and they didn't leave a bill or anything. They just showed up today looking for 30 bucks.

They did a very nice job, so that's the only reason I'm paying them (once I get cash- we agreed I'd leave it under the mat on Monday). I figure there's no use making a big deal out of it.

I told him that he did a nice job and I'm sorry for the miscommunication but from now on my husband's going to mow the lawn. You know, so that 1. I don't piss them off and 2. They don't think I live alone. Honestly, if they'd handled things a little more professionally I'd hire them, but they did not leave a very good first impression. I'll probably ask my mom's lawn guys to do it.

Do you think I handled this correctly?

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