09 March 2013

quick post

I really miss the internet. Not because of email or facebook or anything like that.

I really miss blogging.
And I've had so much rad shit to blog about, too! It's been perhaps the most eventful and incredible week of  my life, and I was unable to blog about it. It's like, my outlet and I don't have it because Comcast SUCKS COCKS. I also don't have tv and although I don't watch it much, I would love to be able to turn on the news when I come home, mostly just for the noise. That house is damn quiet.

So I'm at mom's with my laptop so I can pay some bills and also sneak in a quick blog post.

P.S. I also miss Suzy's tumblr, which I am currently perusing. And it's different! Way to throw me off, Goo!

Full updates to come when Comcast takes the dick out of its mouth to grant me internet and cable access.

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