31 March 2013

there went march

I had a lovely Easter. It's becoming rarer that my family is all together. I miss my Frankish and Suzy.

I had terrible dreams about Chris last night. They're just dreams, but it still sucks waking up from that.

Maybe it's too many peeps, but I have horrible, horrible stomach pains. Like, stop me in my tracks pain. There's the too-familiar question, was it gluten or something else? As usual, I don't think it's gluten, but it could have slipped in there.

My sisters and I found Les Mis in our Easter baskets, so I'm currently watching while doing laundry. It's better than I remember.

Painted my nails for the first time in forever.

I've gotten into reading the Percy Jackson series. I read the first book on Kindle a while back, and then I discovered that my brother has the set. So I borrowed them and am on book 3. Very entertaining.

Crap, which reminds me that I never followed up on the book club I proposed. Things are settling down now, so maybe I can focus on that again. I think everyone read the book but me!

I can't believe tomorrow is April. I hope nobody tries any stupid April Fools jokes. I'm not in the mood to be tricked- especially at work. Things have the potential to be really shitty this week and I'm really, really hoping things go smoothly.
As usual, I hope this month goes by fast. Three months down. I'm ready for deployment to be over. I want my husband back.

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