14 March 2013


I never once questioned if I was going to make it. Until today. I feel so detached from what I was once so sure.

I don't even know where to begin. All alone in this empty house. It's so cute though. I really do like it. It's just still empty and doesn't really feel like home yet. Mom's house is not home, and this is not home. I come home to... a house. The only thing that makes it more like home is my cat. It's slowly becoming more comfortable, though. I think the addition of internet and cable has helped re-establish a sense of normalcy. It helps to have some noise around. I'm not used to so much quiet.

In the past week and a half, I've accidentally locked myself out of the house and met my neighbors, dug a few flowerbeds in the back yard, ran the dishwasher (!), taken baths, turned on both the heater & ac, and tried to get pumpkin to start pooping outside again.

In other news, I officially have a nephew. A ridiculously adorable, sweet little infant nephew. A week ago, Ashley called me saying her water broke at work. A few weeks before her due date and it caught everyone off guard. I could not WAIT to get off work to drive to the hospital. We got there and waited in the waiting room until we heard a lullaby overhead signalling that a baby was born, and we knew it was ours. The excitement was unrivaled. A little while later, Collin came out happier than I've ever seen him, and we got to see both Ashley and Calvin. He's so tiny and perfect and things will never, ever be the same. :o)

The internet is in & out so I'm going to hit publish before it goes out again.

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