19 April 2015

Craft night, spring edition

Since the last craft night was so fun, I decided to host one. Only Ashley, Dayna and I actually crafted; everyone else talked and drank wine. Which is completely acceptable.

Ashley and I both lacked creativity when it came time to pick a craft. After much deliberation, we decided to paint wooden door hangers. Despite my usual aversion to chalk board type things, I opted to paint mine with chalkboard paint. Ashley painted hers to say No Soliciting and also arranged some plants for her bathroom.

(Not Meryl Streep's best moment)

Dayna made bow ties

and a Gooey butter cake which everyone raved about and I'm going to make GF. I just need to go buy more cream cheese because we used it all up in the Buffalo Chicken Dip which I ate WAY too much of.

I also tried this recipe, which I pinned a while back and have been meaning to try. It was the perfect opportunity because I ran out of butter and eggs. For the record, it tastes like it doesn't have butter or eggs. Quite dry; won't be making again. What a waste of 1.5 cups of GF flour! I'll be using butter in my cakes from now on.

In addition to the door hanger, I picked up a small cross stitch kit. I've been meaning to re-learn how to do it, mostly because I want to make something with dicks/ curse words/ an atypical phrase. Hobby Lobby doesn't carry stuff like that, so I picked the least ugly one I could find. Progress:

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Suzy :) said...

lol make me something with dicks on it when you figure it out!!