04 April 2015

things and such

Today I fell in the shower. I did other stuff too, really good stuff, but I figured I'd start by highlighting the falling in the shower part. It was slippery when I got in, and KAPOW I slipped and fell backwards. Like something you see in the movies. No major injuries, except my knee must have hit something square on because it's developing a bruise and it's very tender. I thought falling in the shower was something people did when they were old or invalid or something. Apparently not the case.

The solicitors are becoming an item on my eye-twitch LIST. Since I put up the sign I've still had to remove those annoying flyers and advertisements that they put around the door knob. I've even tried to call the company and complain when I've found them on the door, but my efforts were minimal and I'd much rather prevent the issue in the first place. So I taped another sign on the door. So now my door looks like this:

Which is pretty ghetto. I got a small picture frame to put on the door or near the doorbell (Can't figure out which would work best) that will say the same thing, but you know, pretty and typed and not taped to the door. However, it's ridiculous. I feel like putting an electric fence around the porch.

We are pretty much ignoring the fact that it's Easter. Family is not doing anything, especially since we don't feel like celebrating without Goob and the parentals decided to head out of town. Chris and I briefly decided to make each other easter baskets, but then we decided it wasn't necessary. We'll just buy some half-priced candy Monday and be just as happy with half the stress and cost. [HALF PRICE PEEPS OMG] I even considered decorating eggs just for fun, but honestly I just don't care! Nor do I want to be eating hard boiled eggs for the next week and a half. Just not into easter this year, I guess.


Ashley Bennett said...

Did you break your hip when you fell? Hahaha we didn't do easter either. Calvin doesn't understand it yet. Next year will be fun. We will eat candy all day. NOM.

Suzy :) said...

all the half-priced reeses eggs!!