22 April 2015

I like to personify my plants

Spring is in full swing. We're going to have to do a bit of growth control on the wild bushes soon, but most of the new growth is very welcome.

A bit of a plant roundup:

The flowers I hunted down and planted a few weeks ago not only held up through the storms we've been having lately, they have all started to bloom and they really spruce up the front walkway. I'm so proud of myself because they look like they've been there all along.
Kitty quality control is obviously very important around here.



These plants can actually grow to take up some pretty significant space, so for now I'm resisting the urge to plant something pretty in the spot in front of the window.

Miss Gardenia got a bloom last week, and the many buds have started to follow her fragrant lead. The storms weren't as kind to the gardenia, as I found some of the buds and flowers blown from the plant, but she seems like she'll be resilient enough.

I've determined that delicate little herbs don't do very well outside and should be best grown on the kitchen windowsill. Thyme seemed promising at first but is now reduced to little more than a few lingering sprouts,

while Basil and Parsley seem to be thriving.

Sage is still on the edge of droopville and perksville.

Zucchini are growing leaves well enough but they always do well until it comes time to grow actual zucchini. I may need to do a bit of pollinating if the bees and butterflies don't show up.

The citrus tree has flowers and little green citrus fruit type things.

I was surprised to see pretty little purple flowers show up on the wandering jew.

Even last fall's mums and last Easter's lillies are full of buds. Don't you love the turtle planter? The previous owners left it and I happily plopped the lillies in it. We keep it (and the garlic) on the bird bath because the dog has tried to eat it.

This guy's always been a bit droopy no matter what I do. A bit of epsom salts dissolved in water seems to be giving him new life. Little shiny new leaves keep popping out. You can do it, houseplant!

The rosemary I planted last year seems to be doing well in this spot. I have hopes for a nice big rosemary bush one day!

The flowers I picked up at the grocery store make me smile every time I see them. They're doing a great job cheering up the breakfast table.

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