05 April 2015

Field Day

Field Day aka Cleaning Day aka Sunday. I don't know why the military folks call it Field Day. They just do.

Since the latest shower incident was most likely caused by the buildup of soap scum and other yuckies, and recently I witnessed the horrors of mildew and also that strange pink mildew after showering in my contacts, today it got cleaned.

Not just a spot clean of bleach in the gross corners, but a top-to-bottom scrub down with a mixture of dish soap, bleach, and water. Some Comet where it really needed it. I didn't really want to clean the shower, but it had to be done. Chris says I now smell like a swimming pool. I don't care. Even reluctantly clean showers bring me so much joy.

Laundry is almost done and there's a cake in the oven. (What? I woke up wanting cake.)

I cleaned all the winter stuff out of the closet. Bye bye, 5 sweaters and a few cardigans. See you next year. Brought out the summer dresses. Really thought about how I should go through and get rid of the stuff I don't wear. I got rid of a ton of clothing in the big purge right before the move, so it's not as bad as it could be, but still there are items that I haven't worn in years or might wear, given the right occasion.

Roomba is picking up an insanely disgusting amount of dog hair. Every day I'm stunned when I clean out the filter; it's filled to the max. The summer shedding has commenced. I'm so thankful for him.

When I was in organic chemistry, there was one lab where we created dyes, dyed fabric, then removed the dye from the fabric. When it came time to remove the dye, naturally I started with bleach. The first dye was completely gone the second the bleach touched it. How satisfying. The next, I soaked in bleach for much longer than was needed before I realized the bleach wasn't going to remove the color.

I remember at that moment feeling like my entire life was a lie. Bleach is my friend. Bleach will never let me down.
Bleach will not remove all color from everything. It depends on the type of dye/stain. Regardless, I'm still surprised when I bleach things like the dog blankets and the color stays, unaltered. Then I turn around and bleach a blue towel and it comes out white as ever. Still just as satisfying.

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