11 April 2015

hair cut

I just had the weirdest hair cut.

Yes, I cheated on Lori to try out the place literally right next to my house. I walked in hoping it would be quick. I literally rolled out of bed, went to the vet, then went to get a hair cut. With wild bush-lady hair and no makeup.

When I walked in to make an appointment the lady kept having to go back and ask questions from the two other ladies cutting hair there. (Turns out they're Iranian and have these fabulous accents and are ridiculously beautiful- even the older lady who helped me) I certainly felt like frump girl with my strange skin and wild hair.

So the lady took me back to wash my hair and it was like she's never washed hair in her life. It was getting in my ears and it was too hot and I don't think she rinsed the shampoo off the back of my neck.

Then she started to comb my hair. Very hesitantly. When she started to cut my hair she kept dropping things. She dropped a total of 3 combs during the hair cut. It was as if she's never cut hair in her life. I got nervous but figured if it ended up terrible it's long enough that I could get it fixed. I don't really get too worked up over hair because it grows back and all that.
She spent like 20 minutes on one side, then spent about 5 minutes on the other side. She kept going over sections she'd already done. I was really starting to get nervous.

Normally when Lori cuts my hair, it's quick and she knows I don't like it styled; I just get it cut and move on. But this lady insisted that I get it styled. When she asked me how I wanted it dried, I just said whatever was quickest. Then she went to ask the other hairstylist which way was quickest (!).

At that point I just closed my eyes while she blow-dried, somewhat awkwardly. I kept thinking that this lady has no idea how frizzy my hair gets when blow dried, and she didn't even use any product. I was going to end up like a q-tip.

When I opened my eyes, I was very surprised. My hair looked really pretty. At first glance, nothing was lopsided or crooked. It looked like a really good hair cut. It was much more expensive than Lori (about 2x + tip), but that's what I get for cheating on her.

Maybe this lady was recovering from a stroke or was just clumsy or just hadn't cut hair in a while and that's why she was so awkward. Either way, she was very nice. I'll see how the haircut looks and how I like it after a couple of weeks. That's the real test.

P.S. I can't find my cartilage earring. She probably combed it out. For the record, Lori never does that.

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