26 April 2015

Things and bits

Exercise: Since the first real exercise since like 2013 (no matter how short) happened last week, I decided that I will try to fit in something every other day. Even if it's only 15 minutes it's still better than nothing. I was noticeably sore the day after the exercise so obviously that was a skip day, and then Saturday was spent walking around the race track and that definitely counted because that was exhausting, so I guess that means I'm 2 for 2. Which is good because my pants still don't fit.

Face: Itching like nuts and I can't figure out what to put on it to moisturize/calm/de-itch. Oddly enough the cream the doctor gave me dries it out as part of the healing and I think that's what's causing the itch. But overall it seems to be getting better again so I'll keep at it.

Books: Reading a lot lately thanks to e-library books. Most of what I've read has been meh or good enough, but I really enjoyed The City of Ember. At first I hesitated because I'm totally over post-apocalyptic type books- Hunger Games and Divergent really were enough, but I read the sample and it hooked me. I literally sped through it in an afternoon. It's exactly what I've been looking for- an easy read but interesting enough to keep me reading, and not too wordy or descriptive. I skipped over very little. I started reading the second book which is not as good as the first; it moves a little shower than I'd like. But hey, it's free!

Watching: Scrubs on Netflix. I always enjoyed the show and would watch it whenever I'd see it on, but I was never a faithful watcher. Maybe it's because now I work in a hospital, but it's hilarious and crazily accurate.

Eating: Lots of salad greens because we bought a big bin and they're already starting to get slimy bits. I hate wasting food so I picked out the bad bits and am going to try and eat it all. Plus I bought a ton of vegetables and I really don't want them to go bad so here's to veggies this week! Also been snacking on some dark chocolate covered espresso beans I randomly found at the store.

Wine: I usually go through phases and now I'm back on the red wine kick. Just for your information.


Suzy :) said...

When my greens start to get slimy I throw them in the freezer and then chop 'em up and throw them into whatever I'm cooking as I feel it :)

Jennifer said...

Ooh. good idea!