07 April 2015

Need new friends

I was thisclose to creating a meetup group:

Looking to find more friends in the same situation- specifically married women with no kids in the area. Would like a friend to call and hang out with a glass of wine and not have to drive all the way into Houston for it, or arrange for a babysitter, or watch the kids all night. Not that kids are bad; Simply trying to see if there are any women in the area who are looking for similar kinds of friends. If so, let's meet up! 

You know, something like that. It was a rough draft.
What stopped me from completing it? You have to pay for it. Merh.

I've spoken about this at length.
How my old friends are great but we are drifting apart because we live much father apart, and our lives are so different now so there's not as much to relate to and it's harder to make our schedules mesh.
How it's harder to make new friends as an adult, especially in the category of married and childless by choice in the suburbs.
What I'd love is a friend in the neighborhood [so it's really easy to walk down the street] that likes to drink wine and enjoys things like Harry Potter. Chris has an old racing friend that is exactly that, but she lives in Dallas.

See, people like this DO exist, I just have to find them. Short of putting out an ad in the community newsletter, I'm not sure how to do that.
The search continues...

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Drew said...

I heart meetup, but yes - it is way too expensive to set up a group!

Man, a friend in the neighborhood is like the holy grail. I'd love that. I have a few friends that I think I'd be much closer to if they didn't live out in Brooklyn or Queens.

I do think, though, that this stage will pass. Once your friends' kids get older, their schedules will free up a ton! So it might be worth the extra effort to maintain a few of those mom friends now for the long term payoff.

Also, I've been using The Skimm. It's been such a handy way to keep up on news. Thanks for the rec!