23 April 2015

reasons why I'm cranky

So my skin was getting better, and then it started to get rash-y again. I feel ugly.
I haven't been sleeping well, partly because of the cat's nighttime antics, and partly because of anxious dreams and I don't know.

I felt really disgusting and sluggish today.
I was either bloated or I've started gaining weight and my pants were uncomfortably tight around the middle all day. Yuck.

On the drive home I decided that I was a disgusting sluggish blob and some exercise might do me good. So I got home and took Andy for a walk/run around the block. We made it 15 minutes before my mp3 player got locked on a ballad and I couldn't figure out how to unlock it. By that time I'd already worked up a sweat and we were close to home, so 15 minutes was all the exercise I got. But it still felt pretty good. Which was surprising. And nice.

After that, I was still bloated and yucky, and didn't want to eat anything heavy so we went to the grocery store and I made super awesome salads. Yes I said super awesome next to the word salad. Of course at that point I was starving so I wolfed it down, and then my stomach started to hurt. That's what I get for eating right and exercising.

Then I figured my habitual glass of wine probably wasn't a good idea, and instead drank lots of water. I'm really hoping that the choices I made this evening will lead to a good night's sleep. Because 15 minutes of exercise and salad and water 1 time are enough to make a difference, right???

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