18 April 2015

skin adventures

Friday morning, before the cat pee wars, I went to the dermatologist. I know it's hard to believe because copays are apparently my best friend, but I've never been to a dermatologist.

I was motivated by the rash on my face. Not only is it unsightly, it's uncomfortable and rather than recede once I changed cleansers, it decided to spread. I also decided on a skin cancer check while I was there, because- fair skin + growing up in southern California and Texas.

Long story short, the skin check was a lot like the gyno, minus the boob massage and crotch violation, and the gown opened in the back instead of the front. He definitely saw my boobs during the inspection, and shifted the waistband of my panties to check the skin there, but nothing crazy. He even checked around on my scalp. Odd but not as uncomfortable as a pap smear and 100% peace of mind because my few little freckles were declared benign.

The skin condition he dubbed contact dermatitis, I guess we could call it idiopathic because I don't really know what caused it. He said normally skin will get irritated by something simple and will heal quickly, but the skin around the nose and eyes will not heal simply because it's more sensitive. The great part? He gave me samples to treat it and I didn't have to go to the pharmacy to fill any expensive prescriptions. I like this guy.

Chris and I both noticed a decrease in redness after the first application of the cream, so that's a good sign. Especially because the doc said no makeup until it heals. And I have a class to teach Monday. Don't mind my ugly face rash, folks. I'm just here to teach you how to use the glucometer.

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