01 April 2013


I had a really off-kilter day. I really don't know why. I wouldn't say I was in a funk, but it was just... off. Something just didn't feel right.

I came home and while I was getting my mail, my neighbor offered to mow the strip of grass that's between our houses that's technically "mine." He had the mower out and said it would be no problem. Um, Yes please. I called a lawn guy and he won't be here until next week. It's already starting to look overgrown.

So I officially met my other neighbor. He's the brother of the guy whose cell phone I had to borrow when I locked myself out of the house. This is why you memorize important numbers, people. It's those two brothers that live on that side, and I haven't actually met anyone else around me.

I know the people on the other side have three yappy dogs, and the ones across the street like to park their car right at the end of my driveway. Then there's the mexican family with a million kids and a dog and a bird with, literally, a short school bus parked in their driveway. I like them.

OMG. I just looked outside and the neighbor is freaking mowing the front yard too! I didn't think it looked that bad. Does this mean I have to make him a cake?

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