21 April 2013

good afternoon ladies

How funny, I actually slept till noon today.

This is going to be one of those random posts.

So I've got the back door open.
Pumpkin is outside, and comes inside for the SOLE purpose of puking on the floor.

I love reading Sunday Secrets. Sometimes they get repetitive, but then you'll come across a real gem.
Makes me think about all the people that I don't know, how strangers' lives are.

Now Mom's 'Good Morning' song is stuck in my head.
She had surgery this week for something that will probably be ok but is unnerving to think about. She's on some pretty good drugs for the pain while she heals but she keeps trying to do too much, too soon. She takes a pill, feels better, and tries to get up and do stuff, then feels worse when it wears off. You know mom loves a nice pain pill, haha.

This is happening today. Except I don't have mayo so I'll be using greek yogurt.

The rest of this week's menu, which I totally write out on something like this every week. I love pinterest.

Leftover taco mac & cheese
Pesto chicken over polenta, steamed veggies
Ground beef enchiladas with avocado
Crock pot honey mustard chicken legs, steamed veggies

I read somewhere that if you add shredded carrots to ground beef, you can sneak extra veggies into food. Of course, this was meant for kids, but I've been trying to eat more veggies so I'm going to try it on myself!

I was telling mom last night that I haven't seen Calvin much when he's awake. He always seems to be sleeping. But when I was babysitting the other night, he was awake and I started singing to him. He stopped fidgeting, looked right at me, and listened for about 30 seconds. That was pretty cool.

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