08 April 2013

play by play day

So I made baked beans tonight and rather than eat dessert, I just went and ate more baked beans. They're SOOO good. And actually, I didn't make them tonight. I made them this morning and they cooked all day in the crock pot.

I brought some to mom's and hung out for a bit. Mom's so happy with the office moved to my old room. I love the positive changes.

I woke up to let the cat out at about 6am. I think that's her new time to wake me up to go outside. When I climbed back into bed, I reached for my phone just in case I had happened to miss a call or get a message from Chris. With my hand hovering above the phone, I saw a light blink. A second later, a call from an unknown number. My toot. That was a long six days of silence.

After a chat, I went back to sleep and dreamed that he came home and cheated on me with this chick I knew of in high school. I caught them in the act. I walked over to him while he was still laying on top of her, grabbed his face in my hands, and said, 'I hate you." Then I went outside where Andrea was waiting with her parents and tickets to London. I've never even wanted to go to London, but in my dream it sounded pretty good.

A little while later, after I let the cat back in, I was hitting the snooze button like a madwoman when through my desperate attempts at sleep I heard the sound of a garbage truck. I missed last trash day and had filled the recycle bin, so I lurched out of bed and threw on some clothes. While I was dragging the can & bin to the curb, I realized I had heard the garbage truck on the other block. Balls. It hadn't even made it to my house before I left for work.

I had a rare easy day at work. It started with a call into my boss's office, which in itself has the potential to be nerve-wracking, but I learned of yet another unit moving floors. Then I did some work, then took a long lunch with Andrea. Then some more work, and something that I started on but realized that that unit was moving as well, so it launched a bunch more questions and unanswered phone calls and sending of emails.

Nothing EVER gets done quickly in that place. It's always phone calls and emails and waiting and meetings and finally three weeks later your task is complete. With my get-it-done-now attitude, it was something new for me to learn and eventually I just came to the understanding that that's the way it is.

When the AC kicks on, it sounds a lot like a door opening and gives me a minor heart attack every time. I can't wait till Chris comes home so I can relax because he'll obviously take care of any bad guys.

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