07 April 2013


As always, I forgot to take "Before" pictures, so any "After" pictures just won't look as spectacular.

That being said, this house is really starting to look and feel like a home. I'm tired of feeling like I'm coming home to a place that just holds all my stuff.

Windows: Two of the three sets of hideous curtains are down and replaced with much lighter, prettier ones. I really like the new curtains in the master bedroom. The ones I got for the guest room ended up being WAY too sheer, so the brothel ones are still up. That room will be the last thing I seriously tackle.

The window seat is just darling. I've gotten a bunch of pictures hung up in the living room, and it looks so much more cozy. No more stark, bare walls and plain floors. Rugs and pictures make a huge difference. When I walk through the house, it doesn't feel so foreign. I feel kinda like I live here now.

Back Yard: The back porch has the appropriate lights. The grass seed I planted is starting to grow. The flowerbeds look good- I have done a lot to make that dreary, forgotten backyard look better, and even then it's still quite scraggly. I was reading the employee website at work this week and there was an article about how they're going to turn a few of the fields on campus into wildflower fields. I have half a mind to just throw wildflower seeds out into the yard and see what happens.

Other: I just have a few more boxes to unpack in the office, and the guest room is completely a mess, but that can be dealt with any time. We need a couch and a dresser, and that's all for the big purchases.

Speaking of, I paid my bills and organized all of the new ones, plus their due dates. I feel much more on top of things and less like a whirlwind of numbers.

My hot glue gun is nowhere to be found. I might as well buy a new one- that thing was about 15 years old anyway.

Anyway, my goal this weekend was to replace the curtains that my cat is slowly destroying, and make this place feel more liveable. I think I've made a difference. Maybe I'll feel more stable this week now that things are not so tumultuous here. I've just felt so off.

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