27 April 2013


It would be nice to hear from hubs. I can handle a few days of silence, but when it closes in on the 7-day mark, I get a little, "Ok seriously Marine corps let me hear from my husband."

Ashley and Calvin spent the night last night. I was sad to see them go. I forget how empty the house feels until I've got visitors and then they leave.

Currently feeling like crapola. I thought I beat the sickness mid-week, but as Thursday and Friday passed, I felt worse and worse. Now it's here and it's full-blown and I feel terrible. No fever, but I wore a mask when I was around Calvin, just in case I am contagious. I don't want to forever wear the badge of "First person that got Calvin sick."

We got a nice rainstorm today. Flooding around the city and such. My backyard had a small river running through it, but we didn't have flooding on my street. I did, however, notice that my gutters need cleaning out. Fortunately, we got our errand ran before it hit and my drugs wore off. It was a nice day to lay in bed sick, too. It's always easier to do that when the weather's icky.

Is it a coincidence that on the day I lay in bed sick that there is a 4-hour Big Bang marathon?

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