28 April 2013

Vinegar is cool

Vinegar has made the sink in my master bath go from grody to sparkling. There was something stuck really bad to the handles and faucet, and I couldn't scrub it off. Well, I've been trying to replace the aerator for a while but the hard water deposits were so bad that I couldn't screw it off. So I soaked cotton balls in vinegar and taped them to the spout and let them sit for a few hours. When I took them off, a TON of gunk came off with them. It was kinda gross and I tried not to think about it.

I figured since I was at it, I dismantled and soaked the handles in a water/vinegar solution. They went from looking grubby to shiny, too. With a little elbow grease, I was finally able to unscrew the aerator. $5 later at Home Depot, I simply screwed the new one on. It's glorious and there's no more random water sprayings. And I'm not grossed out every time I brush my teeth anymore. Home improvement WIN.

Last night was a mixture of sneezing fits, coughing fits, and power outages. I really need to replace the alarm system's backup battery, because every time the power flickered, the damn thing went off and scared the bejeezus outta me. Also all the clocks are now blinking. First world problems.

Ok, the little bit of energy I had is now sapped and it's time to lay in bed some more. Hey there, Theraflu. You taste gross but you really do help.

P.S. Suzy I miss you.

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Suzy :) said...

miss you too!! :(