13 April 2013


Headed to College Station today. Picking up a few things from Chris' mom's house. Hopefully one of those things is a big tv for the living room. And a mattress for the guest room.

Last night the neighbors on my left had a party in the backyard. Plus the dogs at the house on the right barked all night, most likely AT the neighbors on the left. They weren't super loud, but it happens that my bedroom is on the side of the yard that's closest to their back porch. DESIGN FLAW. I was really wishing I hadn't turned down Akhtar's offer of a noise machine.

So I spent the night on the pull-out couch in the living room, with the stove fan set to low as my white noise. Hopefully if that happens again, I can just crash in the guest bedroom, since it's farthest from the party sounds. Also, I'm looking into a white noise machine just in case. Can you get one that just makes white noise and not that stupid jungle/ rainstorm crap?

I'm hoping I poop before we head out. It's so annoying stopping 30 minutes into a road trip because someone's gotta poop. In a gas station bathroom. Eew.

Also, today will be the first time I drive a truck!

Anyway, I've gotta get ready.

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