14 April 2013


Suzy, I have to tell you. The bluebonnets DO exist this year. We saw them on the way to College Station yesterday. And lots of people were pulled over to take pictures in them. It really was a beautiful day for a drive. And to sing along to 90's pop songs. Especially while stuck in traffic for 45 minutes. It's so nice to look out the window and see nature in its' bluebonnety spring glory instead of strip malls.

We had a nice time visiting Chris' mom. She's really pretty cool, I wish we saw each other more. (But, maybe that's why we get along so well!) Plus, I got uninterrupted time w/ Ash. It's been so long since we've hung out just the two of us, for a weekend. We used to do that all the time. Not that I mind- Calvin is obviously a very welcome addition to the dynamic.

I got to talk to Chris this morning. As usual, I was half-asleep so I really don't remember our conversation. He did mention that he was talking to his friend who said that his wife makes him a special meal on homecoming day. Then he asked if I would make him a special meal when he comes home. I figured his mind would be on other things besides food... but since this will be the first leave that we don't go out of town, I would be able to make him a special meal. Now... what to make? Obviously some kind of meat. I suppose I'll just see what's on sale that week at the grocery store!

Speaking of, I've been meal planning. I check out the store flyers the week I go grocery shopping, and plan my meals around what's on sale. I've even been able to take advantage of some of those awesome Meal Deals at HEB. It has cut my grocery bill down TREMENDOUSLY. And, I don't ever wonder what to cook because it's all planned out. I always have enough left over to take for lunch, so I haven't been going down to the cafeteria and spending money there, either. It's working out very well.

Well, this laundry won't be washing itself, as well as the rest of the stuff around here. Maybe I'll just blow it all off and take a bath!

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