03 April 2013

hey yoOo

Seriously Korea, you can calm the fuck down while my husband's boots are in your vicinity. I don't like all these rumors and hearsay, as much as I'm trying to remain as ignorant as possible. If you're ignorant, you can't worry, right? And worrying never gets you anywhere.

My sister's gotten a doozy of a decision plopped right on her life plate today. I wonder what will happen...

Totally DIGging this weather. A tad humid but still cool enough to open the windows & get some fresh air flowin' through the house. And get the damn cat to wander around outside for a while. Also, I planted the top of my pineapple in hopes that it will grow and have pineapple babies in that bizarre way that you never thought pineapples would grow.

My plans for tonight are to finish this bottle of wine, polish off the last of these peeps, watch tv, and go to bed early.

I like being friends with some of Chris' friends wives on facebook. Because only they really understand what it's like. It's not like I've bonded with or even talked to any of them, but when they post something about missing their husband or how this deployment is going, it makes me feel like I'm not so alone.

And you know what? Thank you, all of you, for the endless support you've given me in the past three years. I couldn't even begin to handle this without all of you being so understanding and supportive, and- when it's needed- distracting.

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