12 November 2014

Andromeda or Andy for short

So it's been a few days and I still have a dog.

Some things that have made me be like, "Eh."
- She has peed a couple of times because she is scared? Excited? So far just on tile and a rug, but I got some enzyme pee stuff to be prepared. It's not like I don't already have a bottle of that for the cat. Just in case. No pee in my damn house.
- She smells like a dog. I think a bath took care of most of it. Most of it.
- She keeps eating the cat food. Then when Pumpkin goes to eat she looks at me like, "The dog ate out of this." We are trying to train her not to do that, but in the meantime we're going through a lot of fancy feast. Pumpkin is still in no way pleased, but I'm surprised at how well she's adjusting. She keeps her distance, mostly in the places that the dog is not allowed to go. Doing a lot of observing. Some puffy hissing when Andy gets too close.
- I came home today and it SMELLED LIKE DOG in my house. SCREECH. Hold up.

I can handle dog hair, I can handle toys and a few paw prints and water bowl splashes. I can't handle a stinky dog house.

After washing/bleaching the bed & toys, vacuuming, febreezing, plugging in a scentsy, and cleaning up a lot, it smells much better in here. I think with a dog we just have to clean our floors more often and wash her bed frequently.

She has learned very quickly the off-limits areas like the bedrooms and the furniture. She even poops in only one area of the yard. She definitely needs training for commands like sit and stay and come and all that. I'm not sure she's learned her new name yet either. That will probably help.

Honestly, she's still sweet and I don't mind her. I give her some pets and she follows me around sometimes, especially when I'm cooking dinner, but we are all adjusting. Definitely no bonding for me yet.

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