14 November 2014


I need an updated wardrobe. Badly. Yes, we are revisiting this topic. This time it has a resolution!

In a nutshell, reasons why I need an updated wardrobe.

1. My current clothing does not fit anymore. For now, the bottom line is that while it may be all about that bass*, this flat butt demands that I get new stuff.

2. Impending 30-ness demands that I look a bit more professional, which means slightly higher quality materials and craftsmanship. A wardrobe composed entirely of pilling $6 Ross finds 5 years ago does not scream successful. Or get you a promotion. Dress for the job you want, right?

3. I'm tired of looking and feeling like frump girl. My self-esteem is at a low and a large part of it has to do with how I look. Now that my other issues are starting to improve, I think this will go a long way.

4. Other justifications: Since I wore scrubs for years and I can currently wear scrubs at this job if I choose, I have spent a very limited amount of money on clothing in many, many years. In the long run, a couple hundred dollars spent now is WAY less than if I had been buying new clothes this whole time.

5. Other requirements:
-Tops had to fit without any gaping, bra straps, or cleavage showing. Especially when I bend over. While a plethora of adorable sleeveless tops were found, many just don't make the cut. I don't want to be forced to layer a cardigan over any item of clothing I wear to work.

-Pants had to fit in the waist and butt without bagging, and pant legs had to be straight- no flare or wide-leg or tapered ankle action. That last bit is surprisingly hard to find. Boot cut, anyone? Anyone?

-No dresses or skirts, heels or open-toes. I still work in a lab, and everything's gotta be covered. Yeah, I could probably get away with tights or leggings, but it's a grey area in the dress code and I'm not willing to mess with it. I also walk a LOT and quality cushioned flats are the way to go. No Payless here.

After perusing both Pinterest and my current wardrobe, here is my master list:

Tan pants x2
Assorted tops
Black, tan, blue, red flats
Accessories: Scarves, costume jewelry, etc.

Pants: Black x2, Blue, Other neutral
Tops: Striped, Patterned
Blouse: Feminine, Polka dot
Light sweaters: Neutral, Color
Collared button downs: White, Color
Cardigans: Black, Color, Mustard (I really want this)
Skinny belt

Most of these basic items are intended for layering to achieve a put-together effect. I already have plenty of random tops and under-utilized accessories, and plan to get a few more key items as I develop new outfits. [They have these great jewelry sales at work where every piece is $6 so I plan to get some there.] The main thing is I needed a few quality basic pieces to ground them all.

After a really good day of power-shopping, here is what I got!

Striped top, Feminine blouse, Patterned top

 Light neutral sweater(s) + Color
Fun fact: Mom likes gray- a lot. So apparently neutral = gray haha

 White collared button down
Never been a fan of these due to the gaping issues at the boob level buttons, 
but you can't argue it's a valuable basic layering tool.

Cardigans. Can you really ever have too many? 
Nope. Especially since some of my current ones are in bad shape and will soon hit the scrap fabric pile, or the trash.

Not pictured: Skinny black belt

I checked off quite a few items on the list. Nothing too exciting; just the basics.
I tried on MANY pants but none fit quite right. Women's sizes didn't go small enough, and junior's sizes were of low quality and were way too trendy. So I ordered some of my favorites from Old Navy.com because I know at least those fit. Two black, one blue.

The only items left on the list are another pair of pants, the polka dot blouse, a color button down, and the mustard cardigan. All things I can live without until I find the right item that speaks to me.

*My mom loves that song. I died when I found out. We jammed. Some guy in a minivan gave us the thumbs up.

P.S. H&M Is FANTASTIC for basic pieces. 

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