07 November 2014

um, so...

We might get a dog.
And I'm probably hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year.

Two things that before today, I would have told you 100% are not happening. At least not any time soon for the dog part. And not this year for the Thanksgiving part.

So the dog. Our old neighbor friends apparently got a dog--- sorry, THE dog- that Chris has been badly wanting. It turns out she's not exactly a great fit for their family but would probably be a good fit in ours. And they seemed totally okay with "bringing her over tomorrow." Hm.

Did I also mention that we are getting another kitty? Chris's cat Tally will be living with us shortly. Poor Punk has no idea. Two middle-aged bitch-cats coexisting should be great fun. As long as no one pees anywhere they're not supposed to, I'm okay.

Also impending marital doom seems to be avoided by my agreement to have both families at our house for Thanksgiving. Plus Collin's.

Well. I'm genuinely pleased. Ashley you're required to bring those popovers, and I think we're frying at least one
pet turkey.

More wine?

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Suzy :) said...

I'm making sweet potato buns! Also probably green beans & sweet potatoes a la last year. Just let me know where to show up.