11 November 2014

Laundry room- hanger storage!

Our laundry room is kind of a busy room in our house. Not only does the laundry get done there (derr), but we frequently use it as an entry to the house. Since it is such a narrow space, I need the use of that room to be streamlined and efficient. No messes or clutter.

When I do laundry, I fold/hang clothes straight out of the dryer. [The iron comes out only in dire circumstances.] For several months, I struggled to find an efficient way to manipulate the hangers.

I started out fighting a big tangled pile, then I tried hanging them on every available doorknob, hook, and pipe. Not only was it frustrating, but I constantly bumped into them, knocked them down when I opened doors, etc. Not exactly streamlined.

I'd considered several ideas, including installing tension rods, something retractable, heck- even something from the ceiling.

Suddenly it dawned on me that a towel rod mounted to the underside of the cabinet would work perfectly. My husband reminded me that there was an extra one for the guest bathroom still in the packaging that could easily be replaced some other day.

Since I've gotten so good at hanging towel rods, I literally had it up in about 5 minutes. TA-DA!

They are the perfect combination of accessible, yet out of the way. An 18-inch bar holds all of them with no problem. SO MUCH BETTER! Now I can stop bitching about it.

Ah, pretty.

P.S. If you do end up installing something to the underside of a cabinet (towel rod, paper towel holder, etc.), check the length of the screws vs the thickness of the cabinet bottom. Most screws that come with the installation kit are too long and will poke out on the other side. Not classy.

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