30 November 2014


Well. It came. This day is finally here.

I've been thinking to myself all day, "I'm 30." It's weird. I don't identify with it! I think instead of a mid-life crisis at 40 I'm going to freak out most about 30. Clearly.

I mean, you're supposed to have your life together at 30, which I totally do. That's not the problem. I've got the job and the husband and the house with the cat and the dog and the paid-off vehicles. It's picture-perfect.

I suppose for me this means that my youthful 20s are officially gone and for some reason I just feel old. Aches and pains and not being able to stay out past 10pm are funny in your 20s, but are just so REAL and not funny anymore when you're 30. I mean, for my birthday we're going to get me a new heating pad. Which I'm excited about. Is that really a problem though?

We're going to spend the day Christmas-fying, which I'm perfectly okay with.

I made a pumpkin spice latte and I've got a nut cup and I'm pretty content.
Just don't ask me how old I am.

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Drew said...

Happy late birthday, and welcome to the other side! It's not so bad over here. :)
I actually did my freak out at 29, so on my 30th birthday I was like 'oh, wait, I'm just *now* turning 30'. I am fully expecting another freak out around 35 though - once "early thirties" becomes not so true anymore...