16 November 2014

microwave yeah

So this afternoon we got a wild hair. I don't know what it is about Sunday afternoons that inspire us to randomly start projects.

The vent hood pictured above was non-functional. I'm sure at one point it was functional, since it was all hooked up, but the stovetop actually has one of those downdraft exhaust thingies-- which to me is super luxurious. You turn a knob to raise it. It's so powerful that the lowest setting coaxes the flames towards the back of the stove so that I have to reposition the pots and pans on the burners. Fancy. I did, however, miss the light. That also did not work. Completely non-functional vent hood. That I randomly would hit my head on.

We've talked about how some day when we remodel the kitchen, we'll put a microwave up there. This weekend microwaves were on sale at Home Depot. We came home with one. This happened next, after the requisite number of setbacks that come with each of our projects.

The fun(ny) part? It's not hooked up to a power source. The old hood was hard-wired and the microwave requires a plug. So even though we have 10 plugs in the kitchen, there are none up in that cabinet. Chris will have to install one before we can use it.

But doesn't it look pretty??? (Ignore the old cabinets, shitty countertops/ backsplash.) Instead feast your eyes on the top-notch stovetop and microwave! That matches the fridge and dishwasher! Craigslisting the old microwave = increased counter space! Baby steps, folks. Our dream kitchen is coming along one sale at a time. Now they need a sale on ovens.

Our 2nd wedding anniversary is coming up and we agreed this was a great gift, even though it's not traditional cotton. (No new sheets) I'll happily accept microwave!

Speaking of, our wedding reception date has been chosen: November 19th, 2016. Save the date?

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