24 November 2014

doggie diaries

Bad habits:
  • She likes to sniff my butt. Not anyone else's. Mine. Weirdo.
  • It's very hard to keep the house/ floor clean, especially when it's rainy out. *eye twitch*. I think when it rains she may be a garage dog? The dog hair and the smell is another story. 
  • OH MY GOD THE DOG HAIR. I almost cried today because there was so much and I swept really well last week. It's like a never ending process of cleaning to keep my house from being overrun with dog. This clean freak is hardly able to handle it. We need to figure out a schedule or something. The Roomba is a very realistic topic of conversation right now.
  • Likes to bark at people walking by, but only when she's outside.
  • Started digging holes in the grass near the porch. I figured my tried-and-true cayenne pepper method will work. We'll see.

Good stuff:
  • She's getting better at learning her name and obeying commands.
  • Still a very well-behaved dog when it comes down to it.
  • It's pretty cute when I come home and she's all happy to see me and her tail [+ entire back end] wags like crazy.
  • Pumpkin is adjusting. She only hisses when they get really close, like within a foot of each other. They'll even eat at the same time and their bowls are nearby.
Speaking of Pumpkin, the other day I got a sympathy card from the vet. Apparently they thought Pumpkin died. When I called they were very apologetic and I was just like, "That's so sweet but bring her back to life! (in your system)"

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