15 November 2014

rise n shine

This household got an early start this morning.

We were snuggled up all cozy in bed when we heard a noise just outside the window, which of course activated Chris into home security mode. Then, we heard Pumpkin come inside through the cat door and she ran into the bathroom- with something in her mouth.

It turned out to be a big fat mouse. We all chased it around the closet for a while, me with dishwashing gloves, Chris with a box, and Pumpkin in pure kitty stalker paradise. After we rearranged and nearly emptied the closet, Chris trapped it in the box. He wanted to kill it, but I convinced him to toss it over the neighbor's fence where it probably came from anyway. My reasoning? We live in the country-ish and there will always be mice. Besides if Pumpkin was able to get ahold of it, it's probably already been poisoned in some way.

So now I'm pretty much up. A nap will probably be a part of this afternoon. After we go to the dog park. Because now we are the kind of people who go to dog parks.

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