16 November 2014

turkey lurkey

Started planning Thanksgiving. Or shall I call it, "Potlucksgiving."
Still never got a really good reason why Chris insisted on hosting. We don't even have enough chairs. Totes going over to mom's next weekend while they're out of town and taking chairs + decorations like the grinch.

Overall, I think it will be ok. Even if we end up having to microwave the gravy or someone forgets the pie, it will be just fine. The really important thing is making sure we have the correct football channels.

I desperately (desperately, y'all) need more rugs. Or really, bigger rugs. There is one in front of the door but it's never really worked well. Add a dog with wet feet, and my floors are disgusting. So the rug-watch is on.

Also I need to go wash every blanket we have, and go buy designated dog blankets. I'm thinking the thrift store.

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