23 November 2014

clubbin I mean crafts

Last night Jessica threw a craft party.
The idea: Bring a dish and a craft you've been meaning to try. So simple, so genius, so fun.

Ashley surprised me by making two totally steal-able wreaths. She says she's not crafty, but I think she found her crafting area of expertise, and definitely won craft night. P.S. Suze we all totally talked about you and how cool and pretty you are. Happy birthday!! Hope your ears were burning.

While Suze was probably out partying, Ash was wreathing away, and I took inspiration from this pin and made these gift tags:

They are for the 12 Days of Christmas for Hubs. I didn't have another craft to work on so I figured these would be really cute, and use up some scraps, and I was right. Ashley is trying the 12 Days this year for Collin, so I made her a set too. (The best part of Ashley doing it? We get to go shopping together! I'm seriously looking forward to that.)

I made a pumpkin swirled cheesecake that I thought was mediocre but it got positive reviews. I'll make it again for Thanksgiving. Ashley made a quinoa chocolate cake that I probably ate half of. Jen made some vegan pumpkin pudding that turned out HORRIBLE and she forbade anyone from trying it. Speaking of, Ash tried meatballs that turned into mush/stuck to the pan. That's what you get when you get a bunch of people trying new recipes. There were several other winners, though, including sausage bread, enchiladas, fruit balls, and sandwiches.

My fail? I tried making mashed potatoes in the crock pot, but after 3 hours, they were still rock hard. I left them going and when I came back from the party, they were soft but kind of burned. Fail. I'll stick to regular mashed potatoes, thanks.

We all had so much fun that a craft club was proposed. Sort of like a book club but we do this instead of read. Then we all laughed because those types of things start with the best of intentions but never work out.

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