28 February 2015

50 shades of white

After considering a ton of colors, and then a ton of whites (you'd be surprised at how many shades of white there are), we finally decided between 3 colors:

Behr Belgian Cream
Behr Glacial Tint
and Behr Victorian Pearl

Can you see the difference? Maybe? These colors look way different on the computer than they do on the actual walls.

They've all got very distinct undertones, despite being shades of white. In the bathroom, Victorian Pearl has a cool pinkish-beige undertone, Glacial Tint has an icy blue undertone, and Belgian Cream has a warmer cream-yellowish undertone.

I've got them up on the walls and I definitely do not like Glacial Tint. But that's probably the one Chris will love. Such is life. So realistically it's between the other two. I'll have to see what they look like in daylight. Hopefully we get some sun tomorrow, but rain is forecasted.

I'm just happy to be that much closer to picking a color and getting the darn walls painted! Because it kinda still looks like This, just a little less grey and a little more white.

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