21 February 2015


Back in Christmas of 2008, Chris bought me a waffle maker. I remember seeing it in Walmart and making a comment that I'd like one. Nothing fancy, just a simple model. I believe it was $12 back then.

Little did we know that year after year, that waffle iron would become a staple in our household. Even after the latch broke and the markings got rubbed off. It's seen a lot of love and cranked out a lot of waffles and it's still trusty.

Some families have pancakes on Saturday mornings. We're waffle folk.

I know that if it wasn't for the whole celiac thing, we wouldn't have used it much. Some people have waffle irons that they've never used.

Without the celiac, we'd probably be those people that eat cream-of-whatever chicken casseroles, and eat frozen waffles. Making waffles from scratch would have been too much of an effort.

But since cooking from scratch is a normal thing around here, it's no big deal to make a batch of waffles. I can literally shuffle into the kitchen, plug the waffle iron in, and have the batter ready by the time it's heated up and ready to go. Waffles and coffee are usually done simultaneously. I've done this a time or two.

So here we have it, the Ode to the Waffle Iron.
Happy Saturday, waffle iron. It's good to see you.

Waiting on Waffles

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