21 February 2015

bathroom paint

We've been having a lot of trouble picking out a paint color for the guest bathroom.

It was obvious the room gets hardly any natural light, but then we looked up and realized the light fixture itself had dark yellowish globes that cast a funky tint over everything. There was no real source of brightness and everything seemed blah.
Rather than continue to struggle, we had a "light bulb" moment (pun intended). We decided to change the lighting situation, and then go back to choosing a color. Derh. So simple. Fix the source of the problem instead of trying to work around it.

The first thing we did was replace the funky globes with frosted ones.

So much better. Once a mirror is installed, it should help bounce light around as well.

Then, we replaced the dark blue curtain (it was just a temporary covering, anyway, so the neighbors didn't see us pee) with white blinds to match the others in the house.


That way, even when the blinds are closed some natural light will still seep in.

Now that the light situation has been changed, we will go back to picking a color.
We are leaning towards a light color (Note that the dark grey has been kiltzed very nicely in the pic above), simply because the cabinets are nearly black, we have zero intention of re-painting those, and, you know, maximizing light.

We have ruled out:
A lighter shade of grey. I tried a few and none seem right, plus grey seems to clash with the cabinets.
Shades of blue, because 3 other rooms in the house are blue. We're pretty blued out.
Green. I'm just not feeling green at all, in any shade or form. Even mint.
Purple, because it's too girly. Also pink. (But if I find a dusty pink, it might look so cozy in there...)
Beige, because Chris thinks it's boring. I sort of agree. Plus the whole rest of the house is beige.
Red and orange are simply too strong of colors. Trying to stay on the cooler side of the color wheel so yellow is also out.

You may have noticed that's all the colors. What does that leave? White. Cream.
Which I baulked at initially because white is so... uninspired. After thinking about it, it might work perfectly because it's fresh and fits all of the light-bouncing and cabinet-contrasting criteria. We can always punch it up with color accessories and art once we get it painted.

So back to the paint section to pick out whites. And a lot more kiltz.

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