20 February 2015

Cleaning off my phone

Cleaning some pics off the phone:

Some pretty sunsets lately:

Dog house:

Andy can't figure out why Pumpkin won't play with her. (Psst. Andy, it's because Pumpkin's a biznitch.)

The dishwasher wouldn't drain last week. Some disassembling, a shop vac, tons of bleach, and some nasty funk later, it now drains like a charm. The random things you learn when you're a homeowner: How the dishwasher plumbing works.

I've tried several products to spruce up the wood finishes around here until we can get them stripped/ re-stained, and what worked? Coconut oil. Go figure.

Also posted on instagram: We discovered we have a camellia tree tucked in the back corner of the flowerbed out front. Blooms galore! Unfortunately it's got tea scale pretty bad. I read up on it, and I'll see if some horticultural oil works on these buggers. I'd hate to lose one of the few sources of flowers we have.

It's threatening to rain, and I hope it does soon because this headache on my day off is not cool, man. Not cool.

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