27 February 2015

I like lists

It's Friday night and I've got my Weekend To-Do list right here:
  • Watch Helix tonight
  • Watch House of Cards and try not to binge
  • Drink Wine (check)
  • Get white-ish paint swatches and finish priming the bathroom. Chris's friend is coming to stay with us in a couple weeks and I'd like to have a fully functional bathroom by then... Two weeks deadline it is!
  • Plant seeds indoors and hope I eventually get seedlings! It worked out very well last year.
  • Visit madre. And give her back her stuff!
The rest is fair game.

The dog is bumping me with her nose wanting attention. She doesn't smell bad right now so that's good. Chris has been working with her a lot the last couple of days and she's doing a lot better with the "sit" command. Woo.

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