03 February 2015

boulder part 2

One of the other big things weighing on my mind lately is work. More specifically, the idea that it might be time to look for another job. Changing jobs is normally a stressful task anyway, but it's complicated here by several reasons.

The only reason the thought of changing jobs crossed my mind is because we started hearing rumors of something wicked coming down the pike. While I usually ignore rumors such as these, they immediately get a lot more merit when they come straight from your boss, and your boss's boss. Without getting into detail, it made finding another job seem like a good idea.

With that one thought came a snowball of other thoughts:
  • I don't feel like it's the right time to leave this job.
  • For the most part, I like my daily tasks and the people I work with.
  • However if I'm honest with myself, I don't feel challenged. While I can always ask for more projects or responsibilities, I've hit the ceiling at my current position. There is no room for growth unless someone leaves, and even that is not guaranteed because historically when something opens up, they SAY they consider internal applicants, but in reality they always hire from outside.
  • I'm torn between wanting to wait and see what happens (sometimes great opportunities arise from a mess), and wanting to move on before the mess happens.
  • My schedule is great. I love weekends and holidays off. If I find something else, I want to keep that.
  • Changing health care and other benefits-- will I find something as good? How good are the benefits I'm getting now?
  • Maybe I can find something with the same company, but a different department.
  • I do not love my daily commute, so maybe I can find something closer to home.
  • Jobs in my field are a bit scarce closer to home, not to mention going back to the bench would be a step backwards, so maybe I should consider changing careers.
  • Whatever else I find, I'll need to make more money. Which shouldn't be too hard because I'm not making a lot right now.
  • How am I going to find time to interview? I'll have to take time off which is weird and suspicious and annoying.

Plus everything in-between. So I updated my resume, one tailored for my specific field and one tailored for a possible career change. And while I'm not trying to change jobs right this second, I want to be ready not only if shit hits the fan, but also because I know that I will need to move on at some point if I want to grow. I'm keeping my eyes open for anything.

The good thing about not needing to change jobs right this second, is I can be a little picky. I can try to find something that really meets my wants and needs.

My next step should definitely be management, or at least a position with an opportunity to grow into that.
And I definitely need more cash flow. With all of the benefits offered by my current employer, there is a very strict basis for calculating salary and it doesn't necessarily reflect how much you're worth. Which is incredibly frustrating when my peers and friends all make more than I do and we've all got similar experience in our chosen fields. It has started to make me regret my career choices, and I've started looking into what else I can do.

In conclusion, this is the swirl of thoughts in my head all the time, combined with the aforementioned thoughts and a few other randoms. Fun, huh?

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