23 February 2015


I did not want to get up this morning, especially after that cold front blew in. Which is kinda cool kuz since I have the day off, I got to turn off my alarm and sleep in a little. It would be rad to crank up the bed warmer and stay put for the majority of the day, but this chick's got plans to hang out with two thirds of my favorite ladies in the world that I miss so much.

The dog is chewing the hell out of a bone behind me. The cat is probably still holed up in the "Slar Pad," which Chris has dubbed the bedroom. She'll hold down the fort and make sure the bed is warm until I return.

This is my favorite Monday picture, and I have it saved on my phone but it took me WAY too long to find it on the internet.

Morning, bitches.

Anyways it's time to get dressed.

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