07 February 2015


So back to those new year's resolutions...

1. I saw my gastroenterologist, armed with the determination to focus on the cause of my troubles.
We talked. In his opinion, the only two things that usually cause that kind of inflammation are NSAIDS and H. Pylori. Since I'm not a big NSAID user, he turned to H. Pylori. When I mentioned that I've been tested for it several times before with negative results, he agreed that they did not see any sign of the infection in the biopsy results either. However, it can be hard to miss and based on my history it's worth a shot to go ahead and treat for it, just in case. I agreed to the treatment because it's something that I haven't already tried. Now we're talking.

What does that mean? It means a round of seriously gnarly antibiotics. After the treatment, though, if it is due to H. Pylori I will start to feel better. How bizarre would that be? To just suddenly feel better one day? Like I said, I'm ready to try anything if it will help or even rule something out so we can move on to something else. Onward!

2. I saw my gynecologist. To my disappointment, he did not agree to give me enough prescription refills so that I can skip my period. I suppose I will need to go out and buy tampons, then. UGH.

He did, however, agree to run some bloodwork at my request. I even fasted. What came back was not surprising. Lipids were not ideal. They gave me the same old advice: eat better and exercise more.

This not only reinforces my need to exercise, but provides a bit of a wake up call. It's no longer, "Oh hey I think my cholesterol is still high." I have the numbers right in front of me. A warning.

I'm officially on the other side of 30, and I can't keep ignoring my heart health. Not to mention the fact that it's February- Heart Month- and much of the information I'm seeing lately is aimed at women's heart disease.Why is it, then, that I'm still lacking motivation?

3. Struggling with keeping the "Making people happy" mantra in my head. Probably because life has been so... trying... lately. Not giving up, though. I think it's good for me to be in that state of mind, when I can remember to pull it up front and center.

4. Got the new fence. Thank goodness we decided to do that before all this tax madness, or we probably would not have done it. Next up: bathroom. It's been in the same stage of progress for about a month now.

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