08 February 2015

let's get this party started

I was going to wait until I finished my bottle of wine to start ANTIBIOTIC FEST 2015, but I figured that was a really bad reason to wait, and I wanted to see how the drugs affect me before I take a bunch and then head off to work.

The prescription came in a paper lunchbag, instead of the normal little pharmacy pouch. That was the first indication that I'd be taking a lot of pills.

The schedule is:
After breakfast and dinner: 3 antibiotic capsules, 1 acid reducer, 1 probiotic
After lunch and before bed: 3 antibiotic capsules

So that's 16 pills a day for 10 days. That's 160 pills. 160 pills that could possibly cure me forever! However skeptical my default setting is, that's the whole reason I'm doing this. So the first 5 pills are officially down the hatch, with plenty of water.*

*I think it's funny that the package instructions tell you to take it with plenty of water. If you didn't, these horse pills would choke a bitch. Thanks, instructions, for that obvious bit of information.

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